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In Press
Bortolussi L.  In Press.  Hybrid behaviour of Markov population models. Information and Computation. :-. (3.14 MB)
Bortolussi L.  2012.  Hybrid Behaviour of Markov Population Models. CoRR ArXiv.
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2010.  Hybrid Dynamics of Stochastic Programs. Theoretical Computer Science. 411/20:2052–2077. (4.54 MB)
Bortolussi L.  2010.  Limit behavior of the hybrid approximation of Stochastic Process Algebras. 17th International Conference on Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications (ASMTA 2010). :367–381. (584.23 KB)
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2010.  Perspectives on Constraints, Process Algebras, and Hybrid Systems.. WCB 2010. :69–75. (131.69 KB)
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2009.  Dynamical Systems and Stochastic Programming - From Ordinary Differential Equations and Back.. Transactions On Computational Systems Biology. 11:216–267. (1.76 MB)
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2009.  Hybrid Semantics of Stochastic Programs with Dynamic Reconfiguration.. COMPMOD 2009. 6:63–76.
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2009.  Stochastic Programs and Hybrid Automata for (Biological) Modeling.. Computability in Europe, CiE 2009. 5635:37–48.
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2009.  Tales of Spatiality in stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming. Bio Logical 2009. :42–52. (249.93 KB)
Bortolussi L.  2008.  On the Approximation of Stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming by Master Equation. Sixth International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages, QAPL 2008). 220:161–175.
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2008.  Modeling Biological Systems in Stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming. Constraints. 13(1):66–90.
Bortolussi L, Policriti A.  2007.  Stochastic Concurrent Constraint Programming and Differential Equations. Fifth Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages (QAPL 2007). 190:27–42.