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Bortolussi L, Hillston J.  2015.  Efficient Checking of Individual Rewards Properties in Markov Population Models. Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems (QAPL). 194:32–47.
Bortolussi L, Milios D, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  Efficient stochastic simulation of systems with multiple time scales via statistical abstraction. Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB). 9308:40–51. (318.61 KB)
Bortolussi L, Lanciani R.  2015.  Fluid Model Checking of Timed Properties. Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS). 9268:172–188. (473.83 KB)
Bortolussi L, Hillston J, Tribastone M.  2015.  Fluid Performability Analysis of Nested Automata Models. Practical Application of Stochastic Modelling (PASM14). 310:27–47.
Bodei C, Bortolussi L, Chiarugi D, Guerriero MLuisa, Policriti A, Romanel A.  2015.  On the impact of discreteness and abstractions on modelling noise in gene regulatory networks. Computational biology and chemistry. 56:98–108. (1.1 MB)
Bortolussi L, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  Learning and designing stochastic processes from logical constraints. LOGICAL METHODS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. 11:1–24.
Bortolussi L, Milios D, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  Machine Learning Methods in Statistical Model Checking and System Design-Tutorial. Runtime Verification (RV). 9333:323–341. (581.65 KB)
Bortolussi L, Hillston J.  2015.  Model checking single agent behaviours by fluid approximation. Information and Computation. 242:183-226. (1.61 MB)
Bock C, Bortolussi L, Krüger T, Mikeev L, Wolf V.  2015.  Model-Based Whole-Genome Analysis of DNA Methylation Fidelity. Hybrid Systems and Biology (HSB). 9271:141–155. (3.5 MB)
Nenzi L, Bortolussi L, Ciancia V, Loreti M, Massink M.  2015.  Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of spatio-temporal properties. Runtime Verification (RV). 9333:21–37. (775.26 KB)
Bortolussi L, Krüger T, Wolf V.  2015.  Rule-Based Modelling and Simulation of Drug-Administration Policies. Modeling and Simulation in Medicine Symposium (MSM 2015). :53–60. (477.5 KB)
Bortolussi L, Nenzi L.  2015.  Specifying and Monitoring Properties of Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Systems in Signal Temporal Logic. VALUETOOLS2014. 1(4) (380.08 KB)
Bartocci E, Bortolussi L, Milios D, Nenzi L, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  Studying Emergent Behaviours in Morphogenesis Using Signal Spatio-Temporal Logic. Hybrid Systems and Biology (HSB). 9271:156–172. (1.1 MB)
Bartocci E, Bortolussi L, Nenzi L, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  System design of stochastic models using robustness of temporal properties. Theoretical Computer Science. 587:3-25. (1.49 MB)
Bortolussi L, Milios D, Sanguinetti G.  2015.  U-Check: model checking and parameter synthesis under uncertainty. Quantitative Evaluation of Systems (QEST). 9259:89–104. (584.59 KB)
In Press
Bortolussi L.  In Press.  Hybrid behaviour of Markov population models. Information and Computation. :-. (3.14 MB)
Bortolussi L, Milios D, Sanguinetti G.  In Press.  Smoothed model checking for uncertain Continuous-Time Markov Chains. Information and Computation. :-. (519.48 KB)