Programmable models of growth and mutation of cancer-cell populations

TitleProgrammable models of growth and mutation of cancer-cell populations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBortolussi L, Policriti A
EditorPetre I, de Vink E
Conference NameCOMPMOD 2011
SeriesElectronic Proceedings In Theoretical Computer Science
PublisherOpen Publishing Association
KeywordsComputational Systems Biology, Prostate Tumour, Stochastic process algebras, Tumour Growth Modelling

In this paper we propose a systematic approach to construct mathematical
models describing populations of cancer-cells at different stages
of disease development. The methodology we propose is based on stochastic
Concurrent Constraint Programming, a flexible stochastic modelling
language. The methodology is tested on (and partially motivated by)
the study of prostate cancer. In particular, we prove how our method
is suitable to systematically reconstruct different mathematical
models of prostate cancer growth‚ together with interactions with
different kinds of hormone therapy‚ at different levels of refinement.