Perspectives on Constraints, Process Algebras, and Hybrid Systems.

TitlePerspectives on Constraints, Process Algebras, and Hybrid Systems.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBortolussi L, Policriti A
Conference NameWCB 2010
Conference LocationEdinburgh
KeywordsHybrid Systems, stochastic concurrent constraint programming, Systems Biology

Building on a technique for associating Hybrid Systems (HS) to stochastic programs written in a stochastic extension of Concurrent Constraint Programming (sCCP), we will discuss several aspects of performing such association. In particular, as we proved an sCCP program can be mapped in a HS varying in a lattice at a level depending on the amount of actions to be simulated continuously, we will discuss what are the problems involved in a semi-automatic choice of such level. Decidability, semantic, and efficiency issues will be taken into account, with special emphasis on their links with biological applications. We will also discuss about the role of constraints and of the constraint store in this construction.